Catalyzing a Movement Toward Personal Data Ownership
This November 17, the Web3 ID Forum will host a one-day summit to discuss imperatives for helping the U.S. government understand and legislate Web3 digital identity for greater control, freedom, and economic opportunity for people.
November 17, 2022
9am-3pm ET
National Union Building, 918 F Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C.
Keynote Speakers
Hon. Bill Foster,
U.S. House of Representatives
Jeremy Grant,
Better Identity Coalition
Peter Braunz,
Phillip Shoemaker,
Tonya Riley,
CyberScoop News
Tim Weiler,
Office of Rep. Bill Foster
Matt Digesti,
Blockchains, Inc.
George Leonardo,
Cap Hill Crypto
Ben Crockett,
David Dorfman,
Senate Homeland Security and
Governmental Affairs Committee
Cody Carbone,
VP of Policy at Chamber
of Digital Commerce
Jon VanderPlas,
Counsel/Government Affairs for
Kimberly Sutherland,
Vice President of Fraud & Identity Strategy,
LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Carole House,
former Director of Cybersecurity and
Secure Digital Innovation, National Security Council,
The White House
Holt Edwards,
Legislative Assistant to Sen. Lummis
Sara Johnson,
VP Strategy & Operations (COO) at the Data Foundation
Kay Turner,
Chief Digital Identity Advisor, Financial Crimes
Enforcement Network (FinCEN), U.S. Treasury Department
Strategic Partners
Media Partners
Cap Hill Crypto
8:30 AM
Doors open for registration and breakfast
9:00 AM
9:10 AM
Private Sector Keynote:
Peter Braunz, GenuBank
9:30 AM
Executive Branch Panel
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
Private Sector Panel
11:00 AM
Advocacy Keynote:
Jeremy Grant, Better Identity Coalition
11:30 AM
Special Spotlight
12:00 PM
Lunch Served
1:00 PM
Congressional Staff Panel
1:45 PM
Congressional Keynote:
Hon. Bill Foster
2:00 PM
Closing Remarks
The Web3 ID Forum is supported by technology and industry leaders who believe in the pursuit of digital identity ownership, for all.
We envision a future where individuals are in control of their digital identities, deciding what personal data they want to share, monetize, keep private, and take with them wherever they go. By shaping policymakers’ viewpoints and Congressional action on decentralized identity, we’re catalyzing a movement toward personal data ownership, increasing safety, transparency, and trust as mainstream adoption of tomorrow’s internet grows.
Stay informed!
The Web3 ID Forum is one component of a developing initiative spanning advocacy, programming, and research to inform federal policy about the opportunities and benefits of a decentralized, distributed and blockchain-based Internet, empowering individuals and businesses in the transition from Web2 to a Web3 and beyond world.
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